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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the debate over whether to allow non-u.s. citizens to vote in college park has gotten ugly. they are investigating at least one graphic threat made against the councilmember who sponsored the bill. scott broom is following the story in college park, where the council is scheduled to meet in about an hour and a half. >> reporter: well, they don't usually have police at city council meetings here in college park, but tonight they will. city council member, christine nagle, the target of a graphic threat. she reported it to prince george's county police. meanwhile, the mayor says town leaders have been deluged by insults in the wake of the news coverage of the proposal. the town is considering whether to allow nonu.s. citizens to vote in local municipal elections, about 20 of the city's 32,000 residents were born outside of the united states. residents say wherever you
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>> it's just, you know, people trying to intimidate others for some type of reason, and you know, suppress others' voices. it's really sad. really controversial. >> i do think they need a safe place, someone to talk to. >> reporter: in an email, bill sponsor, christine nagle wrote we make decisions for snow pick up, and parks. i think we have shared concerns with our residents, regardless of whether they are u.s. citizens. after all the controversy, this afternoon, the mayor says it is likely that action on this controversial proposal will be delayed with no vote, or action tonight. some councilmembers say they want to consider whether or not this should go to a referendum. others want to consider whether
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which non-u.s. citizens should be allowed to vote, for instance, permanent resident with freon cards. reporting live in college park, scott broom, wusa9. ten already allow noncitizens to vote in local elections only. they are right there on your screen. takoma park, somerset, two sections of chevy chase. hyattsville. president trump held a round table session today during his working vacation in new jersey. he promised to fix the growing opioid epidemic. >> nobody is safe from this epidemic that threatens young and old, rich and poor, urban
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everybody is threatened. >> i don't know how you stop it when there is a demand. and there is a demand. >> the president's opioid commission has called for a national emergency to deal with this crisis. in addition to prevention, and treatment, the justice department has created an opioid fraud abuse and detection unit to prosecute doctors who are overprescribing opioids. much like the rest of the country, opioid overdose deaths are increasing in the region. in maryland, deaths jumped from 1100 in 2015, to more than 1800 last year. in the district, they doubled in 2016. back in may, the leaders of all three
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summit to combat this regional epidemic. they all agree that opioid addiction needs to be treated as a public health issue, and not as a criminal matter. sky 9 gave us a bird's aview of the -- eye view of the damage. down on the ground, people were cleaning up after that powerful storm ripped through the area last night. wusa9's mike quander shows us what's being done. >> reporter: you can see electricians tryingto restore power. this was an ef-1 tornado, where the winds shot up to 105 miles per hour. the tornado tracked through the area of of salisbury university, where it was most powerful, according to the ti
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one point, actually flipping over a car. you can see that right here in this video. there was a driver inside of the vehicle, but we're told that he is expected to be okay. >> we just, it was a normal storm, rain was coming down, then we heard a roaring wind. it sounded like a train was coming right by the storm, and the next thing we knew, it was gone, as quickly as it came it was gone. >> reporter: people who live here are focused on picking up the pieces of their lives. now again, everyone we talked to today, just again, overwhelmingly grateful at the first responders, but also, just to have their lives. because they know this could have had a different outcome. reporting in salisbury, michael quander, wusa9. >> the national weather service still surveying ocean city, and an area in virginia for other possible tornadoes. no weather concerns out here for at least the next couple
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a cooler than normal forecast. >> bruce, by the way, we just got late word, those areas in virginia, and ocean city, those were straight line wind damage, not tornadoes. so the only tornado we know about yesterday was the one where michael was at, in salisbury. that was an ef-1. for comparison sake, la playa, f4 on the old scale. this is much more indicative of the types of tornadoes we get in the mid-atlantic. turning into just a beautiful evening across the region. temperatures now 81 at national, which ties our high for the day so far. if you are going out this evening, it looks great. temperatures will drop to 71 by midnight. you said it guys, great weather the next few days, with temperatures a little below average, but more storms headed our way for the end of the week. we'll tell you about that in the seven-day forecast in a
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still ahead tonight, testimony tonight in the threats against a former denver dj. >> but up next, police in our area say they've seen a rise in the number of cases of card skimming. we'll tell you how you can prevent becoming a victim.
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it's a crime fairfax police
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daily. it's card skimming. that's where crews use those fake card skimmers to steal your card information. your pin and your money. just this last week at an alexandria 7-eleven, a man tried using the atm. his card broke the fake card reader there. yet another case of card skimming was uncovered. >> one way to know, usually, they charge $1 on your card to see if they've actually got an active account. so i saw the $1 charge, then i saw the attempts of the or charges. >> one of our colleagues here. police say it's hard to identify a gas pump or atm that's been compromised. but you can shake that card reader, and look for glue residue, before you gas up or get cash. this sinkhole outside of
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five have been condemned. the sinkhole was filled with water, and crews dumped uncrushed lime rock on the banks to keep it from collapsing further. depending on what happens next, crews say they might decide to keep the water where it is. a whale of a tale from southern california. spotted in the dana point harbor, marine officials try to coax it back into the ocean. it just swam deeper and deeper into the harbor. other folks in kayaks were nearly close enough to touch it. it's believed the whale got disoriented. coming up, are you feeling lucky? we'll tell you about not one, but two chances this week to win more than $300 million. >> sitting next to you, i'm already lucky. coming up next,
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we're following a developing story in orlando, where a young boy was found dead in the back of a van out by his day car. police discovered the child last night, after receiving a 911 call from
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the little miracles academy. investigators aren't saying how the boy died, or how long his body was in the van. the boy's family says the child is usually dropped off by 5:00 or 6:00 p.m., and when he wasn't home by 8, they just knew something was wrong. >> nobody called nobody. the family had to call. >> this child was there that long and you didn't expect? something is wrong. >> the daycare had been cited for not keeping logs for transporting children. no charges have been filed yet in this case. another 4-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after being shot in the head. a 4-year-old shot in the head. the result of what police say was road rage on a cleveland highway. the boy's mother told police she had honked her hornto pass a blocking vehicle. that vehicle followed her onto the highway, and somebody in that vehicle started shooting. he
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and struck in the head, but he was conscious, and he was breathing. the doctors say that bullet did not penetrate his brain. amazing. police are searching for a white four door pontiac with tinted windows. director spike lee tweeted he will hold a rally at nfl headquarters on august 23 in support of colin kaepernick. the quarterback still has not signed with an nfl team. a lot of people believe it's partially because of kaepernick's decision to kneel during the national anthem last season. kaepernick was 1-10 as a starter last year with the san francisco 49ers. taylor swift spent the day -- david mueller sued swift for $3 million, claiming he was fired after swift falsely accused him of groping her.
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sexual assault claim. the alleged incident happened during a photo session before a concert back in 2013. swift's fans lined up early to get a seat in the courtroom. >> for her this is really important, just so she knows she's doing the right thing, and it's so important for her fans to know if she can do this, they can do this too. >> i love how she's suing him for $1, just to make the point that women don't have to take this. >> standing up for herself. i also do want to see her. i've never seen her in person before. never been to a show, i'd like to, but this will have to hold me over until i can see her live. >> mueller testified, he wants to clear his name, and recover the earnings he lost after being fired. two co
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$650 million. tonight'smega millions drawing is for at least $350 million. it's it's 7th largest in the game's history. tomorrow's powerball jackpot is worth $307 million, and growing. the odds of winning either start at about 1 in 260 million. trump administration giving up on plans to require sleep apnea screening for train engineers. sleep apnea has been blamed for a deadly rail crash. many highway crashes, and the fatigue inducing disorder often goes undiagnosed. companies can choose to screen their own employees. the national transportation safety board says it was disappointed by the decision. a monster truck decked out
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came to the rescue of a box truck. it was one of many vehicles that became stuck in high water, caused by heavy rains. tropical storm warnings are now in effect for parts of mexico. tropical storm franklin is expected to dump as much as 12 inches of rain across portions of the yucatan peninsula through the day tomorrow. parts of belize, and guatemala will also see heavy rain. mudslides are the main concerns. you feel for people who have gone there to vacation. that cannot be fun. >> i think we know a couple of people there right now. this thing is almost back out into the gulf of mexico. that's where we're going to start tonight. talking about franklin, a tropical storm when it made landful last night. now over toward campeche, just about to get back to the gulf of mexico. once this thing gets over to the warm water, it is fuel for the storm, and is expected
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hour. movingwest-northwest at 12. on this path it will stay pretty far south, which is a good thing for the u.s. for mexico, not a good thing, because it could be near hurricane strength by thursday morning, late wednesday night before it makes landbreak. hopefully not too much, but it's not looking good for them. for us, it looks spectacular. our day planner for tomorrow, sunshine, wall to wall. temps start in the 60s, in town. 50s in the suburbs. by afternoon, low to mid-80s. i'm going 85 at national airport. but many areas stay in the low 80s. the winds north-northeast at 5. this evening, it has turned out to be a much better finish than start. temperatures now for the mid- and upper 70s. the low 80s out there. it just feels and looks so much better than it
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that number is dropping as the drier air moves in. winds currently northeast at 7 miles per hour. this area of high pressure from chicago builds in, gives us a good wednesday, a good thursday. then it's going to slide away. by friday, that's when we're looking at a chance for some storms returning. a great day on wednesday, with the dry air in place. no weather problems whatsoever. we'll be mostlysunny. by thursday, we're still looking good. perhaps a few clouds late in the day. notice the moisture to the west, which will stay west through friday morning. by friday afternoon, i think we're going to have a few showers and storms around. we'll monitor friday for a possible yellow weather alert. open the windows and enjoy mother nature's ac. tomorrow morning, a spectacular start. 60s and 70s. 81 to 86. low humidity, and lots of sunshine. thursday nice again, 85. friday, scattered afternoon storms, 84. the weekend will featur
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saturday than sunday, so okay for the football game tomorrow night, but thursday night up in baltimore, the nats on 9, we've got to watch on friday. then we'll dry out and stay comfortable for late next week. the burgundy and gold held their final practice before the preseason opener. pl
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burgundy and gold held their final week of practice, before the team plays its first preseason game against the baltimore ravens. dale earnhardt jr. took in some of practice this afternoon. nfl training camp, they resumed the hitting that only occurs in pro football. it's got our sports department thinking about the time when some of those hits went too far. ♪ [ music ] >> let's get ready to rumble! >> reporter: stacy deangelo hall is none for his chippiness. back in 0920 he was on the receiving end. he was surrounding by the enemy. >> even the head coach came over there, and said some words to
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>> reporter: flags for washington, but no fines in the mini may lay. meeting sean greland in practice. that's your teammate. and showing richard sherman he's more bite, than bark at the end of this playoff loss. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: this brawl was especially noteworthy, because it went viral, thanks to a little show called hard knocks, which was following the texans in august of 2016. their training camp skirmish went downright nasty, forcing their coach to call off practice. number 1,
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the only tv camera to catch michael westbrook. >> like i say, it's unfortunate, and i'll make sure i handle it the way it needs to be handled. >> reporter: davis almost pressed charges against a man who ended up getting a black belt in jujitsu. the league fined him$50,000. >> to all the young people out there, that's not the way to solve it. >> use your words. use your words. >> what does it look like this evening? spectacular this evening. we have to way friday and saturday for storms. >> you're back at 7:00, we're back at 11:00. see you then. ♪ [ music ]
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